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Selecting and Fit Testing the Right Respirator

How do I choose which respirator to use?

Before you proceed, it is crucial to understand the specific hazard you are aiming to protect your workers from. Once you have identified the hazard, utilize resources such as the MSA respirator response guide to choose the appropriate respirator and filter. Additionally, the NIOSH website offers valuable information regarding the correct respirator to use. It is important to note that as the concentration of the hazardous substance increases, the level of protection required also increases. The NIOSH guide will provide you with the Permissible Exposure Limits and recommend a suitable respirator.

Is fit testing required?

Yes fit testing is required for all employees wearing a tight fitting facepiece. This test is typically completed annually, however the CSA standard requires fit testing to be completed atleast every two years.

When is quantitative fit testing required?

A Quantitative fit test is used for any tight fitting face mask. It must be used when fit-testing a full-facepiece negative-pressure respirator to obtain its assigned protection factor of 50 and allow it to be used in environments up to 50 times the PEL.