Collection: First Aid Kits

We carry First Aid Kits for all applications. Choose the appropriate First Aid Kit based on the number of people, your environment, and your provincial or regulatory requirements.

Type 1: Personal first aid kit
Personal first aid kit to all workers who work in isolation or those who do not otherwise have access to a workplace first aid kit.

Type 2: Basic first aid kit: small, medium and large
Suitable for most workplaces with a low risk work environment. Basic first aid kit contains the minimum content requirements for each of the three sizes of Type 2: small, medium, large and is based on the number of workers at the workplace per shift.

Type 3: Intermediate first aid kit: small, medium and large
Contains all of the items in a Type 2 kit in accordance with CSA requirements plus additional items to meet the needs of workplaces with an increased risk of first aid events in a higher risk environment.

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