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Gas Detection Check List

How often should I bump test my instrument?

Gas monitors required bump tests before each days use. Typically prior to each work day. If a bump test is preformed and failed, the monitor must be then calibrated.

Perform a bump test more frequently if the device is subjected to physical shock or high levels of contaminants. Also, perform a bump test more frequently if the tested atmosphere contains the following
materials, which may desensitize the combustible gas sensor and reduce its readings:

• Organic silicones
• Silicates
• Lead-containing compounds
• Hydrogen sulphide exposures over 200 ppm or exposures over 50 ppm for one minute.

When should I calibration an instrument?

The calibration of a gas monitor ensures its accuracy by using calibration gas. This is the most effective way to guarantee that your monitor is operating with precision. The frequency of monitor recalibration directly corresponds to its accuracy. Each manufacturer provides their own set of calibration recommendations. MSA, for instance, recommends bump testing before each day's use. If a bump test fails, calibration is necessary. In industrial settings, it is customary to calibrate at least once every 30 days, although some may do so every 6 months.

How long do monitors take to bump test?

Many single gas and multi gas monitors have advanced sensors which take 10-15 seconds to complete a bump test.

Do I neeed a calibration station to calibrate my instruments?

A calibration station is not necessary for calibration. You may utilize manual calibration accessories for calibrating your instruments in the field. Calibration stations do facilitate the calibration process, and they also keep a record of each test, making it easier to add to your confined space permits.

Does Supplynow Offer Calibration?

For piece of mind we offer gas monitor calibrations for the altair 4XR, Senko and Draeger monitors at our location in Markham. We provide a calibration certificate and this process is typically performed for next day.