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Dräger X-AM 5800 Multigas Monitor with H2S, CO, O2, LEL & NO2 Tunneling Gas Monitor

Dräger X-AM 5800 Multigas Monitor with H2S, CO, O2, LEL & NO2 Tunneling Gas Monitor


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Canada's best gas monitor for tunneling and mining projects.

This gas monitor is perfect for mining, tunneling and any application that requires your crew to wear personal gas monitors that test for LEL, O2, CO, H2S and N02 all in one monitor. Add the separate pump to turn this person monitor into an attendant monitor.

The X-am® 5800 multi-gas detector measures up to six gases and is equipped with a shock-resistant CatEx SR sensor. With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live data transmission and powerful fleet management. Designed for personal monitoring, the X-am 5800 offers the highest level of safety at a low cost of ownership. 

Powerful data analysis in the cloud 

​Networking capability provides safety and efficiency: Transfer your recorded data directly and conveniently via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Gas Detection Connect software. As an alternative, you can also transfer the data directly to the cloud with the X-dock test station, providing secure access to your data and its analysis any time and anywhere with access to the internet.

Comfortable Fleet Management

​Manage your fleet of equipment comfortably and efficiently with the X-am 5800. Save operating costs and time with fast tests, using the automatic test station X-dock, with low gas consumption or mechanical bump test station. Further advantages include powerful fleet management via our smart software solution, convenient firmware updates in the X-dock, an optional RFID transponder, and individual color marking of the devices. Sensors are durable and devices remain operational for years, with easy-to-replace spare parts, including the power supply. Dräger provides a 4-year manufacturer's warranty on the basic device, and is compatible with X-am 5800 accessories. 

Tailor-Made Gas Monitoring

​The X-am 5800 is small and lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy-to-use, with large buttons for ease of use while wearing gloves. The display clearly shows important information, such as gas readings, alarms and time. The green D-light indicates that the unit is ready for use, with a simple interface. For added safety, the oxygen channel has four alarm thresholds, real pre-alarms, and main alarms for falling and rising concentrations. The X-am 5800 is approved for use in Ex zone 0, and has been tested according to protection class IP 68. 

Sensors: Durable and Powerful

​The newly-developed CatEx SR sensor calibrates within seconds and protects against shocks, measuring flammable vapors, such as gasoline, diesel, and nonane. The unit can also be set to measure methane, propane, hydrogen, and many other gases. The performance is complemented by Dräger's simple cross calibration concept, in which the measurement gas, calibration gas, and bump test gas can be specified individually. The X-am 5800 calculates the necessary conversations after testing, and the sensor meets the new IEC standard 60079-29-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards.

With decades of experience in sensor technology, Dräger develops and produces the sensors itself, including the powerful and durable electrochemical sensors in the XXS format, resulting in lower operating costs.

Focus on Sustainability

​During the development of the X-am 5800, sustainability was priority. The durable Dräger sensors and the rechargeable power supply, which can be easily replaced with one screw, ensure a long service life. Almost all spare parts can be replaced by trained users, with remaining parts repaired by Dräger Service. In addition, the X-am 5800 is compatible with accessories from the previous series. Upon request, a reduced number of instructional manuals will be supplied, saving paper, and recycling of old devices is available.



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Dräger X-AM 5800 Multigas Monitor with H2S, CO, O2, LEL & NO2 Tunneling Gas Monitor3703850
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