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Fundamental training and certification right at your fingertips. 

Our high quality e-learning courses offer your company the ability to train and certify your staff virtually for an expansive collection of skills and specializations.

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Over 1,400 Courses

Thanks to our wide range of partnerships, we can provide access to some of the most current training from esteemed providers with the most recognized, and endorsed online content than any other provider in Canada

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Automate Company Wide Training with Online Course

Using the Training Matrix, you can upload your organization’s unique company roles and training topics, set training requirements and the courses that satisfy them, and quickly assign training to thousands of employees.

Safety Training

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All of Your Training Records in One Place 

As a health and safety manager or business owner, you can access all of your training, and completion records all in one place. We offer a fully customizable management system for all your training and record management needs. Utilize our robust Learning Management System to  easily deligate, and manage traning records in one place.

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Safety Management  Software

Easily manage and track your company's safety program with the Safety Management System. Access digital forms for hazard assessments, inspections, incident reporting, and more. Keep your safety and HR documents stored securely on the BIStrainer cloud for convenient access to forms and reports.

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