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Get your brand out there with logo hard hats!

How to get your Hard Hats Logo'd?

Our hard hats can be logo'd in up to 4 placed. Front, back and sides. For Dynamic hard hats you can have upto 5 colours and digital print with MSA. To start getting your hard has click here and upload your logo.

How many hard hats do I have to buy to get logos?

You must purchase a minium of one case from each manufacturer. If you purchase less than 24 units from Dynamic an additional set up fee is applied. Less than 60 units from Dynamic, there is also a logo set up fee for new logos. MSA as no logo set up fee for new logos but a minmum of 20 units.

How long do logo hard hats take?

The process of creating artwork for logo hard hats usually takes approximately 1 week. Once the artwork is completed and a proof of concept is signed back, it will then take an additional 2- 3 weeks for the production of the hard hats.

What type of logo is required?


  • .cdr (CorelDRAW)
  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)


  • Convert all fonts to "outlines" (Adobe Illustrator) or "curves" (CorelDRAW).
  • Provide a list of actual fonts used with artwork fle. Font type must be TrueType and/or PostScript Type 1.

Can you add refelective striping?

The reflective striping can be added during the application of the logos. Alternatively, the striping can be purchased separately and applied after the hard hats have been delivered.