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Full Face Respirator Kit Sundstrom SR 200 Farm Pack

Full Face Respirator Kit Sundstrom SR 200 Farm Pack


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Full Face Respirator Kit by Sundstrom

The SR200 full face mask Farm Kit is a complete respiratory protection kit with a convenient kit that comes with the appropriate cartridges and filters for agricultural. This kit comes with a full face mask, OV/SD/CL/HC and AM/MA cartridges. Can be used for farming, ranching and other uses in the agricultural field.  

"The SR 200 full face mask is an Air Purifying Respirator (APR) made of silicone and is produced in one size that will fit most face sizes. The mask is equipped with three inhalation valves and two exhalation valves, and the breathing resistance is therefore very low. The exhalation valve covers with baffles effectively protect the valves and membranes against dust and paint mist. The design and location of the exhalation valves improve the scope available for communicating. The material and pigments of the mask body are FDA- and BGA approved for exposure to provisions, which minimizes the risk of contact allergies. The easily adjustable elastic head harness of the mask is secured to the visor frame and to the exhalation valves which, together with a large crown plate, contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit. The spherical visor of the mask is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, which provides a large field of vision. The mask can be used either as a filtering device in combination with filters and/or cartridges from the Sundström APR range of filters, or in combination with the SR 307 compressed air attachment, this combination is called a Type C Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator (SAR). The SR 200 can also be used as head top together with the Sundström Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) SR 500."


Common Respirator Applications 

When choosing the right respiratory protection system, it is important to know precisely what work the user will be undertaking and the risks involved. Environmental factors must also be considered and whether there are specific regulations that have to be followed. Below are some common uses for a full face respirator, however it's important to know your hazard type and concentration levels of the hazardous particulate, chemical, gas or vapour. If the atmosphere is immediately hazardous or dangerous to life or health you must not use a full face mask with filters. Supplied air or a self contained breathing apparatus is required. Full face masks should only be used with hazards that do not exceed an assigned protection factor of 50.  

  • Spray Paint 
  • Mold and Dust
  • Concrete Dust
  • Sanding
  • Organic vapours
  • Asbestos 
  • Mold


  • SR 200 Full Face Respirator
  • Cartridge Filter - SR 232 OV/SD/CL/HC/HF (1)
  • Cartridge Filter - SR 229 AM/MA (1)
  • Cartridge Filter - SR 510 P100 (1)
  • SR 221 pre-filter (5 pack)
  • Pre-filter holder
  • 5226 cleaning wipe
  • SR 368 ID tag


  • Colour - Blue
  • Shelf Life - 10 Years 
  • Country of Manufacturer - Sweden 
  • Operating Temp -  (-10 to +55 °C)
  • Storage Temp  - (-20 to +40 °C)
  • Assigned Protection Factor - 50 
  • Approvals - NIOSH 42 CFR part 84
  • Materials - Silicone 

 Full Face Mask Accessories 

  • H09-0114 Storage Bag
  • H09-0212 Filter Adapter
  • H09-0321 Protective Hood SR 64
  • H09-1012 Protective Hood SR345
  • T01 - 1203 Visor in Laminated Glass
  • T01-1204 , T01-1205 Protective Lense Film
  • T01-1206 Fit Test Adapter
  • T01-1212 Welding Cassette
  • T01-1214 Storage Box
  • T01-1216 Breathing Hose
  • T01-1219 Smart Talk
  • T01-1202 Test Adapter
  • T01-1201 Spectacle Frame
  • T01-1215 Head Harness
  • T01-1218 Breathing Hose
  • T01-1220 Breathing Hose SR550
  • T01-1221 Breathing Hose SR 551
  • T01-1223 SR611 Filter Adapter
  • T06-0121 Hose Protection Sleeve
  • T06-4014 Welding Hood

Replacement Parts 

  • R01-0605 Pre Filter Holder
  • R01-1201 Replacement Visor
  • R01-1202 Upper Frame
  • R01-1203 Head Harness
  • R01-1204 Replacement Exhalation Valve Kit
  • R01-1205 Seal for SR200
  • R01-1206 Carrier Neck Strap
  • R09-0101 ID Barcode Label
  • R03-0507 Protective Visor for Welding Filter
  • R03-0518 Retaining Clips for Welding Filter
  • R01-2006 Exhalation Valve Cap
  • Welding Lens Shade 5 -13

Cartridge Options 

  • H02-0121 SR 221 Pre-filter
  • H02-1321 SR 510 Particulate filter P100 / HE
  • H02-2121 SR 218-6 OV Cartridge
  • H02-3621 SR 231 CL/HC/SD/FM Cartridge
  • H02-3721 SR 232 OV/SD/CL/HC/HF Cartridge
  • H02-4321 SR 229 AM/MA Cartridge


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