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SOLA®- "Big Red Digital" Box Beam Level

SOLA®- "Big Red Digital" Box Beam Level


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SOLA®- "Big Red Digital" Box Beam Level


The most accurate work demands a product of superior quality. SOLA® understands that professional builders know what works best for them. That’s why they work closely with them to develop exceptional levels to meet those needs. SOLA®'s goal is to supply the world’s best levels – levels that remain consistent, even in the most demanding conditions on construction sites.

"Big Red Digital" combines the highest available accuracies, acrylic vials, and high durability, with the measuring module to provide quality and effortless measuring. The electronic display is exceptionally useful for finding inclination and for storing measured values. Since the display is compatible with the SOLA® App, it can automatically store the measurement straight to your phone. Then on the app, you can write notes and send the information to your contacts. Accuracy, quickness, and ease are the features that make "Big Red Digital" one of the best box beam levels available.

Benefits of "Big Red Digital"

  • Measuring tolerance Solatronic module:
    0.05° at 0° and 90°
    0.1° between 1° and 89°
  • Bluetooth interface for the SOLA Measures app
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, %, mm/m and in/ft
  • "Hold" function for storing measured values and for transferring angles
  • Comfortable reading through a reversible display for inverted measurements
  • Protection class IP65

Applications of "Big Red Digital"

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement

 Technical Details

"Big Red Digital" 

Item Description Electronic Inclination Spirit Level
Dimension 59 x 27
Protection Class IP65
Power Supply 3 x 1.5 V (AAA) Batteries
Material Aluminum
Surface Epoxy Coated
Colour Red
Profile Weight 890 g/m
Measuring Tolerance Standard Position 0.30 mm/m (0.017º)
Measuring Tolerance Inverted Measurement 0.50 mm/m (0.029º)
Number of Horizontal Vials 1
Number of Vertical Vials 1
Special Characteristic Solatronic Module With Bluetooth
Measuring Surface Milled
End Caps



Included Accessory

3 x 1.5 V (AAA) Batteries

Spec Sheet

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