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Dräger Alcotest® 5000

Dräger Alcotest® 5000


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Discover the remarkable Dräger Alcotest® 5000, a reliable and efficient breath-alcohol tester that detects alcohol with ease. Quickly perform up to 12 tests per minute using its high-speed breathalyzer. Plus, its unique non-contact funnel minimizes back-flow of expired air, keeping subsequent test subjects safe from infection.


Maximum control in minimum time with our fastest ever breathalyzer


​With the Alcotest® 5000, you can test up to 12 people a minute to determine if they have consumed alcohol. Testing large numbers of people for intoxication in a short period of time presents a major challenge for law enforcement and security officers. In addition to roadside checks, the Alcotest 5000 is ideal for large-scale operations, such as entrance checks at work sites, schools, stadiums, entry points to public transport, and airport security checks. In the event of a positive test result, precise blood-alcohol levels can be calculated using Dräger alcohol screeners or court-approved evidential devices.


Non-contact funnel design eliminates source of infection


​The Alcotest 5000 performs tests without the need for bodily contact with the test subject. There is no need to attach and detach mouthpieces, because testing requires the subjects simply to blow into a funnel. The unique funnel design prevents backflow of the subject's expired air and the transmission of any pathogens from previous test subjects. After use, the funnel attachment can be easily exchanged, providing assurance of a hygienic solution.


Simple, intuitive operation


​With its easy-to-use, single-button operation via the OK button, the Alcotest 5000 is the latest generation of Dräger's proven, simple-to-operate alcohol testing devices. Language-neutral symbols on the display guide the user through the test process. Using the two navigational arrow buttons, you can view the latest test results, reset the test counter, check for the next scheduled calibration date, or set the menu to a different language.


Breath-alcohol testing at a distance


​Where the tester and the test subject are not adjacent (for example, a driver in the cab of a truck), the Alcotest 5000 features a 1/4" thread on the back of the device where a standard selfie stick can be attached. This speeds up the breath-alcohol testing process.

With just one set of batteries, the Alcotest 5000 can perform over 5,000 tests, whether actively (the test subject blows into the funnel attachment) or passively (measuring alcohol in ambient air or alcohol in suspicious beverages, for example).


Innovation built of tradition


​With over 65 years of experience, Dräger is the global leader in the field of breath alcohol testing. Police in many countries use devices from the Alcotest product line in routine traffic monitoring. The Alcotest 5000 is made in Germany and meets the highest standards of quality. It uses professional electrochemical (EC) sensor technology, ensuring reliable performance and accurate results.


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