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SOLA®- "Big Red" Box Beam Level-Value Set 48" & 16"

SOLA®- "Big Red" Box Beam Level-Value Set 48" & 16"


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SOLA®- "Big Red" Box Beam Level-Value Set 48" & 16"


The most accurate work demands a product of superior quality. SOLA® understands that professional builders know what works best for them. That’s why they work closely with them to develop exceptional levels to meet those needs. SOLA®'s goal is to supply the world’s best levels – levels that remain consistent, even in the most demanding conditions on construction sites.

This value set will give you a more versatile tool kit to use on the job at a lower price than if each box beam was bought separately. The value set offers both savings and quality tools, so if you are in need of multiple "Big Red" levels this is a deal you can not pass up!

Benefits of "Big Red"

  • Better, faster, and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS® vials
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with a magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30-year guarantee against leakage
  • Better readability in dim light through an optimized SOLA® luminous backing
  • Highest measuring accuracy in a standard and inverted position
  • Extra strong aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs for maximum stability
  • Shock-absorbing 2-c end caps provide optimum protection against damage

Applications of "Big Red"

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement

 Technical Details

"Big Red" 

Item Description Box Profile Spirit Level
Dimension 59 x 27
Material Aluminum
Surface Epoxy Coated
Colour Red
Profile Weight 890 g/m
Measuring Tolerance Standard Position 0.30 mm/m(0.017º)
Measuring Tolerance Inverted Measurement 0.050 mm/m(0.029º)
Number of Horizontal Vials 1
Number of Vertical Vials 2
Measuring Surface Milled
End Caps



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