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Where are lithium energizer batteries used?

Our EnergizerIndustrial®Lithium AA/AAA batteries are the world’s
longest-lasting professional batteries in high-tech devices. In the field, on the go, when battery changes are inconvenient,EnergizerIndustrial®Lithium delivers the reliable, leak-proof – and lightweight – power that professionals demand.

The world’s longest-lasting AA batteries
• 100% leak-proof to protect expensive industrial tools and devices (based on standard use)
• Lithium excels in extreme temperatures (-40⁰ F to 140⁰ F) – ideal for outdoor use
• 33% lighter than traditional alkaline batteries, perfect for portable devices, especially cordless tools
• Holds power in storage for up to 20 years
• Available in convenient dispersible inner vending packages of 4 batteries

Where are Industrial Alkaline energizer batteries used?

EnergizerIndustrial®Alkaline batteries are your go-to choice for the professional devices you use every day. Expect long-lasting power and reliability – for greater confidence in your tools and devices while on the job.

Items like Flashlights, Medical Devices, Clocks, Remotes, Portable Tools and Hand Helds.

Long-lasting power designed for professional use
• Upgraded performance and runtimes
• Leak-resistant design to protect your everyday devices
• Holds power in storage for up to 10 years
• Available in convenient dispersible inner vending packages of 4 batteries

What type of batteries are includes int he Lithium Specialty Battery offering from Energizer?

Long-lasting and reliable power is one of our specialties, so naturallyEnergizer®is the world’s #1 brand of specialty batteries. For tools and devices that rely on miniature-size power, go with the specialty batteries that so many professionals depend on.

This includes the

123 Battery

CR2 Battery

2032 Battery

2025 Battery

2016 Battery