Saving with Supplynow: Maintaining AEDs on a Budget

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices are critical equipment that can save lives in emergency situations. They may sound complicated and expensive, but rest assured, they are simple to operate, and there are purchasing programs to help make the cost more manageable.

The Philips HeartStart HS1 AED is an excellent example of an AED that has been designed for ultimate ease-of-use. With clear, simple instructions and minimal buttons, the Philips HeartStart HS1 AED is designed to be user friendly and very easy to operate.

It's also important to ensure that your AED's are well-maintained and in good working condition. Partnering SupplyNow for your AED's means that you can count on our AED inspection services to ensure that your devices are in good working order. 

Monthly Installments

One of the advantages of Supplynow's AED purchasing program is that it allows individuals to pay for their AEDs on a monthly basis, using Affirm financing. For example, you can purchase a Philips HeartStart HS1 AED in monthly installments, such as 6 month, 12 month, or 18 month plans.

This can be a more cost-effective solution for individuals that may not have the upfront capital to purchase an AED outright. Paying for an AED on a monthly basis can also make it easier for organizations to budget for the cost of the equipment.

Inspection Services

SupplyNow's AED inspection services include checking the AED's status, and providing replacement supplies if required. This can help ensure that organizations' AEDs are always in good working condition and ready to use in an emergency. This can also reduce the risk of equipment failure in a real emergency situation.

Having access to a well-maintained AED can make a critical difference in an emergency situation. SupplyNow's AED purchasing programs and inspection services can help organizations ensure that they have the right equipment on hand, and that it is in good working condition. Paying for an AED on a monthly basis through Affirm financing can also make it more cost-effective for organizations to acquire this life-saving equipment.

In summary, SupplyNow AED purchasing programs offers various benefits like:

  • Paying for AEDs on a monthly basis using Affirm financing
  • AED inspection services locally to check status and replace supplies if required
  • Makes it easy for the organizations to budget for the cost of equipment
  • Ensures that the AEDs are always in good working condition and ready to use in an emergency.