Sundström Safety designs the most comfortable respiratory protection on the market. Providing protection against airborne contaminants

World Class Respiratory Protection Equipment Since 1926

Sundström Safety manufactures half and full face respirators designed for the toughest applications and work environments. The respirators are well known for their excellent fit, high protection level and breathing comfort.

All respirators in the Sundström Safety product line utilize the same range of filters and can be combined efficiently and cost-effectively to suit each situation.


SR 100 Half Mask

Silicone construction offers safe and superior comfort

Easily replace suitable filter 
for your work and environment

Can convert from APR respirator 
into Continuous Flow Supplied Air 
Respirator (SAR).

No more hair pinch! V-shaped loop
with large dished crown plate offers comfortable and safe fit.

Breathe Easy. Two exhalation valves provide 
low breathing resistance.

Flexible Protection 

The SR100 provides you with great flexibility. Choose a mask, then select a filter for your use and protect yourself from harmful contaminants. 

 Not sure what filter to choose? The SR 100 also comes in various kit options, such as spray painting, silica dust (concrete dust), dust mold & particulates, mining, wildland first responder, farming, chemical hazard protection, fume and vapour protection, and more. 

If you have questions about hazard assessment and would like to understand more about filter requirements, give us a call. We have experts ready to assist you.

Available Silicone Free

The SR 900 half mask is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and polypropylene (PP) and is available in three sizes, S, M and L.

Compatible with Supplied Airline Attachments

This attachment forms a supplied air breathing apparatus designed for continuous air flow, for connection to a breathable air compressed air supply. The air attachment is especially intended for applications involving heavy and sustained work in environments in which the pollutants have poor warning properties or are particularly toxic, or immediately hazardous or dangerous to life and health.

SR 200 Full Face Mask

One-size-fits-most silicone construction
offers safe and superior comfort

Protective visor comes in choice of
scratch-resistant polycarbonate or 
laminated glass 

Easily replace suitable filter for 
your work and environment

No more hair pinch! The easily adjustable six point head harness offers a comfortable balanced fit.  

Breathe easy with three inhalation valves and two exhalation valves, providing a very low breathing resistance.

Can be used as an APR respirator, 
a face piece for the SR 500 PAPR 
fan unit, or as a face piece to the 
Sundstrom supplied air system.

Breathe Easy.

This mask is equipped with three inhalation valves and two exhalation valves, providing a very low breathing resistance, without compromising safety. The exhalation valve covers with membranes effectively protect the valves and membranes against dust and paint mist.

Compatible with fan unit for use as a PAPR ( Powered Air Purifying Respirator)  

Can be easily used with the SR500 Fan unit for a higher level of protection against harmful particulates as well as gases and vapors.

Used with a belt or harness, this device sits comfortably and stable with a lightweight and balanced ergonomic design.
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