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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

This course is intended for shippers, carriers, receivers, and anyone else involved with the movement of dangerous goods.

Anyone who handles, offers for transport or transports dangerous goods is legally required to have training in the transportation of dangerous goods.

North American Cargo Securement

This online North American Cargo Securement Program is designed to explain the fundamentals and general requirements of cargo securement.

Daily Pre-trip Inspections

Daily Pre-trip inspections are an integral part of every road trip for a trucker. Proper pre-trip inspections are important for proper fleet maintenance and they are required by law.

Accident Procedure

After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of the procedures to follow after an accident occurs and what to do once allowed to leave the scene of an accident.

Backing & Parking: Straight Trucks Series 

This series is appropriate for all levels of truck drivers, from the entry-level to the veteran driver operating any type of straight truck.

Defensive Driving

A Canada-Compliant Training Class Online for defensive driving. I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies Canada's requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam.

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