Introducing the FallTech FT-One Fit: The Women's Construction Harness

Introducing the FallTech FT-One Fit: The Women's Construction Harness

FallTech FT-ONE Fit: The Most Comfortable Women's Safety Harness for Construction

Finding a good fitting fall protection harness for Women can be a challenge, however, not anymore! The FallTech FT-One Fit is a construction harness made for women. This women's harness is a game-changer for women who work in construction, as it is designed specifically for women and their unique body shapes and sizes.



The FallTech FT-One Fit women's safety harness is designed to fit the female body shape, with adjustable shoulder, chest, and leg straps that ensure a snug and secure fit. Whether taller, or shorter in height, this harness will fit your body well. The harness also features padded shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly, reducing pressure on the shoulders and neck.

One of the key features of the FallTech FT-One Fit harness is its easy-to-use buckle system. The buckle system allows for quick and effortless adjustment, ensuring that the harness fits properly and securely on a woman's body. The buckle system also features a dual tongue buckle that ensures a secure fit and prevents accidental slippage.

D-Ring Connections for every Application 

The FallTech FT-One Fit harness is also equipped with a variety of attachment points, including a dorsal back D-ring, and two hip D-rings. These attachment points allow for easy connection to a variety of fall protection systems, giving the wearer the flexibility to choose the best system for their specific needs.

Made from Comfortable and Breathable Materials

Another unique feature of the FallTech FT-One Fit harness is its lightweight and breathable construction. The harness is made from a durable and lightweight nylon webbing that is breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring that the wearer stays cool and comfortable, even during extended use.

In addition to its comfort and safety features, the FallTech FT-One Fit harness is also designed with convenience in mind. The harness features a built-in lanyard keeper that allows the wearer to easily store their lanyard when not in use, preventing tangles and snags.

Overall, the FallTech FT-One Fit harness is an excellent choice for women who work at heights and require reliable fall protection. Its unique design, easy-to-use buckle system, and comfortable construction make it a top choice for women in a variety of industries.

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