Common Questions about Fall Protection Safety

Common Questions about Fall Protection Safety

Commonly Asked Questions about Fall Protection.

There’s a lot to know about fall protection and working at heights. At SupplyNow we are always happy to help provide knowledgeable advice to help inform your decisions when it comes to your safety supplies and plan. We get a ton of questions, but here are some common questions that relate to fall protection.

Are anchorage connectors CSA certified?

Anchorage connectors are not CSA certified. This is because CSA does not have test fixtures to test each and every anchorage connector in the market place.

Do Harnesses and lanyards Expire?

Harnesses must be inspected before each use, and annually by a competent person. as long as it passes inspection you can continue to use it. Harnesses do not have an expiration date, as long as they continue to pass inspection. At SupplyNow, we offer inspection services for fall protection harnesses, lanyards and other devices. You learn more about the importance of fall protection harness  inspections at our blog post here

Can I use my rope grab with any rope brand? 

The CSA standard tests the same rope and rope grab manufacturer together, therefore it is recommended to use a rope and rope grab from the same manufacturer

Can I use SRL’s in an aerial lift, or basket? 

The guard rail on the lift is your primary fall protection. The harness and connecting device is technically a travel restraint system to keep you within the basket. Travel restraint system depends on where the anchor point is, most aerial lift are either on the floor or mid rail. The shortest SRL is 6ft which means if you are connected to the mid-rail, you are no longer in travel restraint. I do recommend a adjustable fix lanyards which are more cost effective but can also be adjusted based on the anchorage location.

Where should I connect my lanyard?

You should always connect it as high as possible but waist height at the very least. Most energy absorbing lanyards are designed for 6ft free fall only, if you connect below your waist it will create free falls greater than 6 ft.

Do I need to practice my rescue plan?

Yes! Suspension trauma takes about 15 minutes to kick in and can lead to cardiac arrest, so it is important to practice your fall protection rescue plan. If your harnesses include trauma straps, this can help buy some time. We sell trauma straps, which are highly recommended for any harness. Buy trauma traps here

Learn more about Fall Protection through online courses

Did you know that we offer over 1,400 online courses? In addition to many helpful courses on Fall Protection, we have courses that can help inform your employees on many important workplace safety topics. Learn more about our online courses and training.

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